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Sunday 25th March 2018   Dagenham Santathon
Sunday 25th November 2018   Bracknell Santa Dash
    Eton Santa Dash
    Skipton Santa Fun Run
Sunday 2nd December 2018   Bexhill Santa Dash
    Blackpool Santa Dash
    Bradford Reindeer Stampede
    Buxton Jingle Bell Jog
    Cheltenham Santa Fun Run
    Liverpool Santa Dash
    Marlow Santa's Fun Run
    Marple Santa Dash
    Osaka Great Santa Run Osaka Santa Dash
    Saltford (Bristol) Santa Dash
    Torfaen Santa Run
    Widnes Santa Dash
    Wakefield Santa Dash
Wednesday 5th December 2018   London Spitalfields Santa Dash
Thursday 6th December 2018   London, Santa In The City
Saturday 8th December 2018   Brighton Santa Dash
Sunday 9th December 2018   Cardiff Santa and Elf Dash
    Doncaster Santa Dash
    Edinburgh Santa Run
    Hemel Hempstead Santa Dash
    Hungerford Santa Fun Run
    Melton Mowbray Santa Fun Run
    Mold Santa Dash
    Stamford Santa Fun Run
    Southampton Santa Dash
    Totton Santa Run
    Wigan Christmas Dash
Sunday 16th December 2018   Basingstoke Festive Fun Run
    Gorleston Santa Dash
    Lincoln Santa Fun Run & Walk
    Milton Keynes Santa Dash
    Southport Santa Sprint
    Windermere Jingle Bell Jog
Unconfirmed Events   Aberavon Santa Run
    Aldershot Santa & Rudolph Fun Run
    Altrincham Santa Dash Bike Ride
    Appleshaw Santa Dash
    Banbury Santa Dash
    Belfast Santa Dash
    Bexley Santa Dash
    Bideford Santas On The Run
    Birmingham Santa Run
    Birmingham Jingle Bell Jog
    Blackburn Mental Elf Fun Run
    Blandford Santa Fun Run & Walk
    Bridgwater Festive Fun Run
    Bristol Santa's On The Run
    Callington Santa Run
    Carlisle Santa Dash and Walk
    Carryduff Santa Dash
    Cranleigh Santa Dash
    Dalby Forest Santa Fun Run
    Debden Santa Run
    Derby Jingle Jog
    Derby Santa Scramble
    Devizes Santa Fun Run
    Dorchester Santa Fun Run
    Dundee Santa Dash
    Edinburgh Reindeer Run
    Exeter Santa Run
    Falmouth Santa Dash
    Folkestone Santa Fun Run
    Frome Santa Dash
    Galway Santa Dash Irish Santa Dash
    Glasgow Santa Dash
    Godalming Santa & Rudolph Fun Run
    Hatfield Santa Dash
    Helston Santa Dash
    Hindhead Santa & Rudolph Fun Run
    Holsworthy Santa's On The Run
    Huddersfield Santa Dash & Reindeer Run
    Lancaster Santa Dash & Santa Salsa
    Las Vegas Great Santa Run Las Vegas Santa Dash
    Leamington Spa Santa Dash
    Leeds Santa Dash
    Lewes Santa Run
    London, Battersea Park Santa Run
    London, Clapham Common Santa Dash
    Loughborough Santa Fun Run
    Manchester United Santa Dash
    Market Harborough Santa Fun Run
    Meriden Santa Fun Run
    Monmouth Santa Fun Run
    Motherwell Santa Dash & Reindeer Run
    Mumbles Great Christmas Fun Run
    Nantwich Santa Dash
    Newbury Santa Fun Run
    Northwood Santa Dash
    Padstow Santa Dash
    Pocklington Santa Dash
    Reading Santa Run
    Rhondda Festive Fun Run
    Saddleworth Santa Dash
    Scarborough Santa Dash
    Southampton Santa Dash
    Southend Rudolph Run
    St Albans Jingle Bell Jog & Reindeer Run
    St Austell Santas On The Run
    Staines-upon-Thames Santa Dash
    Stoke-On-Trent Santa Dash
    Stratford Santa Fun Run
    Tavistock Santa Sprint
    Thatcham Santa Fun Run
    The Great Saxton Santa Dash
    Trentham Gardens Elf Run
    Truro Santa Dash
    Wallingford Santa Dash
    Walsall Santa Run
    Watford Santa Dash
    Webster Groves Santas on the Loose Webster Groves Santas on the loose
    Wetherby Santas On The Run
    Windsor Santa Dash
    Woking Santa Fun Run
    Wythenshawe Christmas Pudding Dash
    Yeovil Santa Dash

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This is a FREE listing service for all CHARITY based fundraising SANTA DASH & festive fun runs
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